Take your business I.T. to the next level with the B.I.T Collective

Partnering with Australian businesses since 2010, amisIT has evolved into the B.I.T Collective.

An organisation formed from the evolution of the idea that to provide a truly quality service from one business to another, you need to understand each other’s businesses like they are your own, be invested in the wellbeing of each and grow together.

“We don’t provide I.T. service, we provide I.T. partnership to businesses”

Michael Counsell
Technical Director

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

Michael and I are business owners just like anyone else.​

We started our business to make a difference in an area where we have a lot of skill, passion and experience, but most importantly, we wanted to enjoy our time doing it.

Our experience has taught us that the key to providing our expertise in a productive, mutually successful & enjoyable way is with true partnership.​

Work with us and our team today, become a part of the B.I.T Collective and help us to change the way that technology is managed in business with the right partnership​

Yours in Partnership,

Simon Barker
Partnership Director

The B.I.T Collective brand of I.T. Management


Professional I.T. Partnership

As a one-way street, what we’re trying to do here just doesn’t work.

A true professional partnership of any nature takes a level of commitment from both parties.

You’re not entering into a client/supplier relationship & the B.I.T Collective doesn’t operate as a once-off or adhoc resource for businesses.

Our commitment to partnership is why we have been so successful – not everyone can be a part of our collective meaning we allow membership based on who is good for us and our collective.


Platform Management & Security

Office365, Google Workspace, a traditional server, NAS based environment, whatever you’ve got in place, we look to work with it, spruce it up a little, if required change it for better features, easier ongoing management for us and yourself, a professional and compliant polish.

No longer does the luxury of compromising on security for usability take a front seat. The B.I.T Collective have been through the introduction of many cyber threats and have defended against, proactively prevented & successfully recovered those impacted by them with the right advice and experience.


Backup & Recovery Management

“That will never happen to me!”

A saying we’ve heard all too often and too confidently, but not a saying that we give any credit to.

The B.I.T Collective believe in suggesting and putting the best practise backup and disaster recovery solutions in place. Our partners get the options to select what suits them based on our advice and some do opt not to take this advice, but this is entirely at their own risk.

If you work any disaster scenario in your head and you aren’t 100% certain that your business would be back up and functioning with zero data loss within a reasonable period of time (i.e. at worst case by the next day), then you haven’t taken backup and recoverability seriously.