The B.I.T. Collective evolved from collaboration between 3 like-minded, experienced technicians (Simon, Michael and Chris) who believed that I.T. partnerships for businesses can be better executed. Over 10 years of operation under the amisIT brand, this was achieved and the B.I.T. Collective (Business Information Technology Collective) is the next step of this idea being put into action.

The B.I.T. Collective team hold many long partnerships with businesses that were long struggling to find a technology partner that truly understands them, their business, their goals and their need for technology that works for them.

Simon and Michael (with the collective behind them) now aim to deliver this unique partnership-based approach to technology to our members. When working with us, you become an important part of our team in the same way that we become part of your team working together to achieve your businesses’ goals and needs.

For a better understanding of who we are and what we do, read our Vision, Mission and Ethos meet our directors and acquaint yourself with some of our primary areas of focus below.


To be a top tier, well respected IT Partner for SME’s in Melbourne, known for our innovation, integrity, reliability, customer service and high standards.


To have a professional, respected, trusted and enjoyable IT Partnership with our Clients and business partners.


The B.I.T Collective is a team of approachable IT professionals. We take care of your IT, so that you can focus on your business.​​​​

Cloud Computing

The B.I.T Collective has been working to move businesses into either a hybrid or completely cloud operation since 2010.

The latest platforms, their integrations and options for customisation, as well as ongoing maintenance is at your finger tips as part of the B.I.T Collective.


Cyber Security is a hot topic and will remain one for the foreseeable future. MFA, geo-blocking, legacy service blocking, alert monitoring – these are just a few things that a B.I.T Collective partnership plan can bring to your organisation.​

It’s no longer a matter of “if” when Cyber Security is not taken seriously, it’s a matter of when!


The modern work environment demands the ability to work securely on any deice at any location at any time.​

The B.I.T Collective has worked with mobile technology extensively and understands the “multi-platform, multi-application, mix of third-party applications” world we live in.

Meet our directors

Simon Barker
Partnership Director​

​Simon’s experience is long reaching and varied. Completing roles at large organisations in the desktop and applications support departments, Simon also developed his personal and professional attributes working in a number of roles for a leading business in the SMS industry through the mid-late 2000’s. These experience led Simon to narrow his focus to his primary strengths and to bring these to the B.I.T Collective.

Simon prides himself on the partnerships that have been formed over the last decade and is excited to bring the proven concept of true I.T. partnership and true I.T. proactivity to more and more partners.​

“We don’t see ourselves as resources, we don’t see ourselves as suppliers, we see ourselves as part of our clients businesses. We are invited to and often attend client Christmas parties, key business milestone events, in some cases are even referred to as the I.T. team members for our partners” Simon explains.

“It’s a rewarding experience to really push a revolution of technology partnership to businesses, more relevant than ever when we live in such a time where the technician is there to enhance the knowledge​ and skillset of the partner organisation, not to be solely responsible for and run it for them”.

Michael Counsell
Technical Director​

As a young man, Michael always had a love for technology and electronics. Whilst completing his electronics degree, he fell more in love with the information side of the technology in particular its ever-evolving nature.

This was exciting for Michael because each incident was a new experience, each project a new opportunity to learn – you would never know what was around the corner and that element of unknown keeps him interested and motivated to continually evolve in his work along with the technology.

As a director of technology Michael oversees all technical aspects of the B.I.T Collective for the purpose of organisational growth. Michael establishes a technical vision and leads the development and education of the team towards this vision.​

“We are a collective of people with the same goals – to strive, grow and assist with each other’s business and personal growth” Michael explains.​

“Quality I.T. support is only achieved if you really connect with the heart-beating people you are trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them in a way that’s encouraging and clear. The tech world evolves and changes sometimes as often as the weather and considering that’s intimidating to even me, imagine how it feels to a business operator that doesn’t do this for a living!”