Not just an opportunity to grow, a chance to be part of something different​​

So many businesses promise a life of fun and luxury. A great work-life balance that will leave you spending most of your time on a beach.

The B.I.T Collective doesn’t dress mutton up as lamb. You’re going to work. You’re going to learn and you’re going to learn fast. You’re going to continuously improve, even improve what we have in place and this innovation will be welcomed and encouraged.

You’re not going to close off a ticket and dust off your hands, you’re always going to wonder… Was that handled as efficiently it could have been? Can we do something to stop that type of call from coming in? How could we make this better?

You are going to be a part of something different – a truly new way of bringing technology to business – in partnership!


You won’t only grow professionally, but personally at the same time.

The B.I.T Collective team have a shared mindset – the better we do our jobs and make our systems and service and the more proactive we are for our partners, the better the results.

We treat people as we would like to be treated and this applies to their businesses just the same as ours.​


Life is too short to spend your time at a job that you’re not passionate about.

The B.I.T Collective team is a family.

A collection of like-minded and professionals from all walks of life that agree on the best way for business technology partnerships to be conducted.


Nothing gives more fulfilment in a career than achievement.

Continual service improvement and technical certification is part of the way we operate.

Don’t settle for just having a job, the more you learn about what you do the more you can apply it.

Be part of the B.I.T Collective

Be part of a team where excellence is not competed against frivolously, but accepted & embraced.

Be part of a movement towards removing I.T. as a service and replacing it with I.T. as a partnership.

Be part of a friendly and dynamic team that’s excited to work with you!

Does this sound like something that you might be interested in?

If so, please shoot us your CV to along with a quick email detailing a few reasons why you think you might be an asset to toe B.I.T Collective and in turn what you hope to get out of a career with the B.I.T Collective both professionally and personally.